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    co-editors: kelsey diven and julie heaney junior managing editor: emily harris junior design editor: haley dittbrenner email us at Learn more about Susquehanna University’s Creative Writing program here, and check out our other campus magazines For information about getting a print copy of our new pocket essay, please email the editors at

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    bri murphy Essay—from the French essai—was the word Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) used to define a new type of writing that was an “attempt” or “trial” to think clearly on the page. In such writing, Montaigne wished to “speak to the paper, just as [he spoke] to someone [he] met for the first time.” The […]

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    rivercraft is SU’s long-running magazine for fiction and poetry. flagship celebrates SU’s commitment to its study abroad program. The magazine publishes travel-themed works of all genres.  the sanctuary magazine is SU’s magazine for genre and speculative work. They accept virtually all genres and forms—prose, poetry, comics, scripts, slam works, etc.—and they specialize in the strange and experimental. […]

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