2020 print issue

cara roets

2020 print issue

In addition to our online issue, Essay also publishes a print issue featuring a different set of works by talented nonfiction writers. This year’s print issue contains work by Jason Ferris, Megan Shaffer, Taylor Rose Meehan, Sarena Pollock, Ellen Smith, Steven Christopher McKnight, and Daniel Sellers. 

While we are unable to distribute a print issue this semester for the launch, we hope you enjoy our virtual launch. A preview of the print issue can be seen below with a small excerpt reading by Sarena Pollock.

the adventures of cyber-ant and zarena

by sarena pollock

My reaction was instantaneous. I ran towards him, arms extended, and hugged myself around his torso, pulling him backwards.

I was only attached to him for a moment until I felt hands pulling me from behind. My mother and grandmother had enough motherly instinct to pry me off him, my safety suddenly the main concern.

Why are they pulling me away? I have to help him! I can stop him!

I wrestled their grip on my arms, but it was no use. They pulled me away, and for a moment, my father stood facing me.

All his movement stopped. His eyes stared through me, cold and unknowing. I didn’t even recognize him.

After that, he backed up then ran out of the house. I tried to break from their grasp and run after him, but their hold was solid as they shrieked for my grandfather. I grew limp in their arms as I watched him go. Part of me knew he’d never come back.